Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Google Talk Maps

If you have a Google Talk account you can now point on Google Maps where you are. The Google Talk Map shows if you are available/busy and shows a customizable message which can contain a link to your blog, or your hometown site, webcam etc.

The only thing you have to do is :
  • Add map.bot@gmail.com to your friends.
  • Ask him anything and he will respond with a link the gives you access to a page where you can set your position (remember to zoom in and try hybrid mode).
  • Done.
In the response of the bot you can also find a link to an image that shows your current state. Especially cool for blogs.

Minimeter and Feedview on CVS

The last few months people have been asking for certain improvements to Minimeter and Feedview. These requests end up in my mailbox, get read and replied with "cool". But that is where the life of those requests end.
This is mostly not because I'm lazy. There are multiple reasons like having a job, mozchat takes too much of my free time and I like to focus on one project at the time.
So everything is accessible at the Epigoon Mozdev project. If you have some good ideas and want to commit code just contact me.

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Firefox 2.0 will include Feedview

My tiny Firefox extension will be included in the main browser. Originally it would be part of Firefox 1.5, but because of the urge for perfection the Mozilla developers needed more time.
The new Feedview will include most features that people have been asking for. Like correct date handling, better html viewing, the rss icon will show Feedview instead of a livemark dialog...
I will keep the Feedview installer on the site up, but I will not update it anymore. Let's just hope Firefox 2.0 will be here soon.

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